Food Desert Task Force Releases Report

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The Food Desert Task Force was created in 2013 to study the current status of food deserts in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Made up of experts in agriculture, commerce, vulnerable populations, food banks, and  food systems, this task force included the Executive Director of the Federation of Virginia Food Banks, Leslie Van Horn.

The report “identifies challenges, consequences, strategies, and resources to address food deserts and offers recommendations for the General Assembly’s consideration and action.”

The Task Force was formed after Delegate Delores McQuinn’s introduction of House Joint Resolution 88 in 2012 and then her reintroduction of House Joint Resolution 646 the following year, both requesting that the Virginia General Assembly review the issue of food deserts in Virginia. The Honorable William Howell, Speaker of the House of Delegates of the Virginia General Assembly, commissioned two Virginia college deans to conduct a study of food deserts, who in turn assembled the Food Desert Task Force.

The complete report can be found here.

A county-specific map showing food insecurity rates layered with food desert data can be found here.

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