Virginia’s 10.6% food insecurity rate means that over 893,000 people may not know where their next meal will come from on any given day. With the average cost of a meal in Virginia being $3.07, Feeding Amer­ica®s “Map the Meal Gap” concluded that an additional $468,094,000 would be needed to meet the state’s food needs.

In the most recent  Hunger in America 2014 study by Feeding America, Virginia’s food banks served:  30%  children (8.7% are children 0 – 5 years old), 15%  senior population 60 years and older, and 56%  households with at least one adult employed in the last 12 months. Even more staggering is the report that 69% of those we serve live below the official federal poverty line.  Additionally, an estimated 21% of households across the Commonwealth report that someone in their household has served or is currently serving in the US Armed Forces or as a member of the military Reserve or National Guard. 

Every day, families join the ranks of the working poor; these are individuals who can’t make ends meet or who find themselves forced to make difficult choices after suffering devastating personal or financial crises beyond their control.